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Also, from what I'm reading through in my own study of other toothpastes, is you need to know what substances to avoid.

I have heard about a report on some study finished in British Columbia, Canada which they approximated you can find about ( or maybe more) 900,000 of these particles for every one cubic meter of drinking water flowing while in the Fraser river at Vancouver! This is when the Fraser River enters the Pacific Ocean!

I’m also a dental hygiene and also have viewed a number of patients are available in Using these blue specs all over their gums. one of several items I pulled out was located on facial # 7 roughly three mm underneath the gingiva. I couldn’t work out what it absolutely was right until now! many thanks a great deal of for the data ????

two or three comments: How did the author know it was HDPE rather than LDPE? There are 2 styles of polyethylene.

appropriate! Comite ??? I loved crest white pro wellness, mainly because it built my mouth sense clean, I had been so psyched, till this! If we swallow these particles and they get lodged someplace else in your body for good!!!!??? three:27

My response to Pamela from Cincinnati who referred to the large purchaser goods company as Proctor and God,what about at the least spelling Procter accurately,a “pet peeve” of mine about several that are in essence clueless!

five.Stanous (tin) Fluoride certainly can result in stains on teeth. These stains might be polished off by your dental Skilled. study exhibits that stanous fluoride is fairly more effective in cavity safety than sodium fluoride.

probably not, Dr. Payet. Erika black toothpaste is trying to acquire a solution from P & G but the one definitive assertion I could discover is this:

Trish, I’ve been telling my sufferers For several years not to use ProHealth toothpaste. considering that Crest arrived out with, I have not experienced a single individual enhance on their own tissue tone black toothpaste – rather, Absolutely everyone has extra inflammation and sensitivity.

Don’t be far too fast to assume that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, the ingredient in many pure toothpastes) is 100% Harmless. it's many sodium in it.

I hope ALL toothpaste makers can get this rubbish from toothpaste. In the meantime I’ll be buying mine at a normal products shop.

) which happens to be harming to enamel and could cause gum recession black toothpaste even in healthier clients who brush and floss, which confirms my suspicions.

I operate for your dentist and possess verified my fears which has a number of hygienists, who say they scrape out blue specks every single day. I did somewhat experiment using this toothpaste: rubbed it amongst my fingers—>blue bits did not dissolve; agitated the paste with some water—>blue bits didn't dissolve; swirled the agitated paste in h2o—>blue bits nonetheless didn't dissolve; 3 several hours afterwards in drinking water—>blue bits HAVE NOT DISSOLVED.

I wound up within the clinic for each week in Aug2014 because of a parotid gland an infection. then 3 months IV antibiotics. I'd blood & urine sepsis. this I think quite possibly was mainly because of the crest toothpaste.