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Are these beads made from the identical plastic while in the bottled drinking water that we shouldn’t reuse due to toxicity from the chemical in the plastic? although the plastic is alright to ingest if it is in toothpaste? Hmmmmm…

I’d choose to share some attention-grabbing discoveries with Every person, to show you tips on how to properly repurpose Crest items, devoid of obtaining them go in The body any longer.

It would seem Procter & Gamble incorporates a ways to go in developing (and practicing) its sustainability initiatives.

Yes its evident its in there for price tag functions.. how has this been ignored so persistently by Every person These are in essence having “cheap recycled plastic” and employing it as “filler” the same way taco bell and jack in the box and mcdonalds insert “fillers” to there “meat”

may perhaps I propose to you feeding on some plastic baggage for evening meal over the regular? Maybe we’ll get lucky and you also’ll choke on a single so that men and women like you are rid from this normally lovely planet.

many thanks for publishing the response you gained. This is the exact reply most of the people receive after they air their worries about the presence of plastic in toothpaste.

I then took out my SLR digital camera plus a bellows to Amplify a picture of what these minimal blue dots appear to be up shut.

I had been receiving occasional modest calculi ‘stones’ (undecided the proper phrase to implement) near the back of my mouth Once i was making use of crest pro overall health. I hardly ever would have place the two alongside one another. For the last yr and a 50 % I have employed child’s crest and haven’t experienced a single one. intriguing.

Wow, I hardly ever read about this until eventually right now…….but don't have anything to worry about, I don’t use Crest. there are numerous other toothpastes available on the market, and many are less expensive than Crest. It’s a bit more than preposterous to think that a business would want To place plastic beads inside their product to enhance the color – they’ve managed to help make white paste, environmentally friendly and blue gel…….

It evidently has not only polyethylene but in addition sodium lauryl sulfate in it. Additionally, Additionally, it has phosphoric acid!

This is a really intriguing and informative short article! thanks to all that have researched this data and brought it to general public consciousness!

Alright, does it trouble anyone else that mica is in toothpaste? IMHO, that’s worse than PE… bizarre how much kind counts in excess of operate. Am I proper?

Thanks for the data. I’m NOT shocked this corporation would black toothpaste try this. I will definitely pass the word on this problem. thanks for caring! Lupe Charsagua RDH

I posted previously how I have witnessed these blue particles and nowadays, I'd a affected person that had about five-6 of them. I approached it that it’s not conclusive but stated what I had heard and how I wish to explore it much more.