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I'm not expressing that polyethylene is causing gum problems. I’d be leaping way too shortly to that summary without scientific evidence. But what I am stating definitively is the fact that plastic is inside your toothpaste, and that several of it is left powering even after you’re concluded brushing and rinsing with it.

thanks TheDentalWarrior. black toothpaste I haven't found the “blue spots” in my patients’ tissues either. I questioned the dentists and hygienists inside our dental Group also if that they had observed this and they have got not viewed it.

We make use of a h2o pick Along with brushing. that will dislodge any plastic particles trapped between the tooth and gums.

almost nothing issues additional to us compared to properly-currently being of our customers all over the world who use our toothpastes. we wish to assure you that our goods are safe.

We value your achieving out. very little is a lot more essential to us than the safety of our products and solutions and the buyers who use them. Our items that consist of micro plastics/microbeads are Protected for both humans as well as the environment. Crest toothpaste has NOT been recalled.

So, I’ll maintain experimenting on other cleansing results of these Crest products that we shouldn’t be putting in our bodies.

I am within the Netherlands And that i don’t see any from the Crest line of toothpastes but did observed them throughout the pond during the black toothpaste United kingdom retail shelves.

How on this planet did everyone at P&G/Crest believe adding PLASTIC BEADS to toothpaste is ever a good suggestion? “Decorative” plastic has no position in human mouths.

I possess the exact issuen now. Yesterday i went to some dentist’s Workplace to determine it out. My dentist was trying to rid of them from my gums. But he told me he can’t positive irrespective of whether he rid of these beautifully or not.

Don’t be also brief to think that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, the ingredient in lots of natural toothpastes) is 100% Protected. it's a great deal of sodium in it.

I contacted P&G. because they have pointed out an “pleasant brushing expertise” in their responses, I wrote and asked P&G to incorporate Cocaine Hydrochloride in toothpaste formulations. I am aware that may give ME an “fulfilling brushing working experience.”

I just went in and skim all the things on my toothpaste and nowhere will it say it has plastic particles in it.. I don’t feel this.

In studying other Crest toothpastes, a complaint illicited a reply within the makers and Here's a phone number to complain to:

excellent submit! And terrific timing far too as my first two individuals in the day experienced People now notorious blue specks below their gingiva. I was capable to eliminate them and present the sufferers they had small pieces of plastic hiding within their gums.