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This is often what an real polyethylene speck looks like when it’s embedded black toothpaste within the sulcus, under the gumline:

Just checked our Colgate Max clear with SmartFoam as well as the label Obviously reads “polyethylene” (no glycol) and it's got those same blue bits.

My ninety one 12 months old step mom broke out within a awful rash all over her face, neck and upper body with redness, swelling and peeling skin immediately after employing a Crest Whitening solution. What’s worse is her Dermatologist just dismissed her in declaring “Oh, likely not from the toothpaste. AND her dentist recco’d this merchandise to her in the first place! That is in Westchester county NY – not a distant rural spot with a person dentist each and every one hundred miles.

a handful of responses: How did the creator know it was HDPE in contrast to LDPE? There are two kinds of polyethylene.

Trish! You’ve accomplished an outstanding career finding this hygienic malfeasance from P&G. I take advantage of Crest toothpaste and I experienced for getting up off my Laptop to double Test my tube, to confirm Should the plastic merchandise was outlined on This web site.

Aside from the have an affect on on our bodies by making use of these plastics, I'm horribly concerned about introducing far more plastics to our setting. They will never, at any time disappear. We realize that the oceans are stuffed with huge globs of plastic goop which emanates from this kind of use, and that is affecting your complete ocean ecosystems, and therefore our Earth.

I am in the Netherlands and I don’t see any of your Crest line of toothpastes but did saw them through the pond from the black toothpaste United kingdom retail cabinets.

“So it has been proven here that polyethylene won't dissolve during the mouth, or perhaps in home products and solutions. It is an inert compound, which means that it doesn’t transform in any way.”

Why on the planet is crest 3D toothpaste even now on the market. My daughter just returned from the dentist and he removed several parts of plastic from her gums. This plastic arrived from her toothpaste.

3. bear in mind silica is glass and since you are not able to see it you don't see it clinging to your gums. Since the plastics are coloured and you can see them it could possibly pose a possibility for key worry. There might be worry around the prospective influence for the ecosystem long-term as there is for many other products and solutions. The influence in your health and fitness from these particles is probably negligible.

Thank you for this information! Me and my husband are employing Crest 3D White toothpaste for approximately a year. I've often wondered why we regularly have blue specks in our sink…and they under no circumstances dissolve.

for a practising dental hygienist I'll just take this worthwhile data and produce it to my people coupled with taking action to help make a change. Thank you again!

After i requested him what toothpaste he made use of, he explained he brushed with crest just prior to his appointment. I’m quite curious to hear more about this!

I am a hygienist And that i see small blue specks From time to time too!! I’m so glad to own look at this! How ridiculous to include plastic just for coloration! Thanks for sharing!